Transparent Nutrition

We want to let you know that we are excited to now offer our patients the very best prescription food available, Transparent Nutrition Therapeutic Diets by Veterinary Recommended Solutions.  This company is owned and operated by veterinarians and their mission is to provide the purest and best nutrition on the market for dogs and cats.  All their diets have been formulated by highly respected board certified veterinary nutritionists that include organic, antibiotic free ingredients and contain zero parts per million contaminants.

You can be certain your pet will be eating safe, nutritious and effective therapeutic food for such conditions as kidney failure, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, allergies and more!

 We will be selling a starter bag at the time of diagnosis and then further bags will be auto shipped to your home with no shipping charge.  A licensed veterinary nurse will be calling you to answer any questions you might have about the diet and to help set up the appropriate auto shipping details.  Shipping intervals can be altered easily through a toll-free phone call. Transparent Nutrition Therapeutic Diets will be replacing most of our Royal Canin Therapeutic Diets.  The diets are highly palatable, however, should your pet not eat the food, the cost will be fully refunded by us.  Royal Canin diets will still be available for those pets that won’t eat Transparent Nutrition through our online pharmacy, Vetsource.

 We at Ruckersville Animal Hospital believe this is a beneficial change for all our patients and apologize for any inconvenience that you might experience with the change.  Once implemented we know you will enjoy the results of the therapeutic diet and convenience of auto shipping.


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