Here are Ruckersville Animal Hospital, we value our client's experience and would love to hear from you!  If your pet is a current patient of ours, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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I love the folks at Ruckersville Animal Hospital and have 100% confidence and trust in every one of them. I express appreciation of the services I receive in person and I pay my fees on the spot.  To me, the Ruckersville Animal is 100% the very best animal clinic in Virginia.

Albert & Alba Shank 10/2/18

The entire staff amaze us. They not only help your pet to the best of their ability, they show them love sweet love. We drove from Florida to Virginia just to take our boy Davie there for a cancer treatment that no one else is doing. We believe that PDT, Photo Dynamic Therapy, added several months to our boys life. We feel so blessed to have found Dr Godine. Thank you and much love to you all.

Kimberly & Barbie Denny 9/1/18

We are new to the area and just went for our dog wellness. Excellent care was given. Super friendly staff. Great prices.

Marianne Tolley 8/1/18

I am willing to drive 40 minutes to continue using this vet. One of the Dr.'s has personally delivered medication to my house. They are very patient with a nervous dog and just super sweet. Bring my fur babies there without a doubt.

Jennifer Suriano 7/1/18

Although this was our first visit, Dr Godine had been highly recommended by a friend for some time. My two dogs and cat all needed a variety of different things, and the staff was very helpful in making us feel welcome with our list. Dr Godine was patient and thorough in discussing the various options, and my family (angels all!) was buttoned up and out of there very efficiently. We will be returning soon for laser therapy for Sierra’s elbows, and are grateful to have that modality available.

Barbara Brand 7/1/18

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kayla Odom and her team!! My puppy Apollo was feeling rough and I was extremely worried about him. I called the night before and the next morning they were offering appointments for him to get in. I was worried it could be parvo, so they gave us a room alone and separate from infecting any other pup, just in case it was. It wasn't, thankfully! He has hookworm, but was given plenty meds to take care of that. 😁 He was dehydrated and they gave him fluids. I s

Tony & Tammy Cambria 5/24/18

Great Vets, techs and office staff, you will not be disappointed, Dr. Godine went above and beyond with our dog and we are very glad that we chose to take him there. Everyone that we have met and gotten to know have treated us wonderful and we couldn't be happier with their service.

Jake Haught 3/6/18

I had an incredible experience at this animal hospital. My dog had hurt his back terribly and I was scared that they would not be able to do anything for him. I was relieved to say, they not only could help him, but the cost was so reasonable I was shocked. The young lady Vet. Was incredible(I wish I remembered her name) I felt she did everything correct. Did not ask to do anything extra and was gentle and loving to my dog. Twinkie is already looking and feeling better. Thank you!!!

Bonnie & Arnold Slater 2/1/18

Dr. Robertson and her amazing technicians and assistants are absolutely wonderful! They were patient and kind to this neurotic owner, and were very gentle, compassionate and smart in the way they handled my Rottie. My interactions with their front office staff have been fantastic as well, and calls have been returned promptly.

Teressa Baker 9/19/17

Dr Kayla Odom did an amazing job digging a foreign object (grasson) out of our lab, Quincy's eye. We didn't know what was wrong other than his eye was runny, goopy and very inflamed. She was so gentle but thankfully detailed enough to really exam him and found the nasty thing!! We were passing through town simply trying to get to our vacation destination when we saw how bad his eye was. Very grateful the internet search sent us to Dr. Odom. Quincy will definitely have a MUCH better vacation beca

Angie Sposa 9/7/17

I have had just really wonderful experiences with the staff and both Dr.'s Chip and Caroline Godine. With an older dog and several cats, I visit frequently. The front desk is always patient, caring and helpful and the Dr.'s are compassionate and thorough, making every effort to answer my questions and concerns. So grateful I found this practice. Thank you to all.

Kelley Dreaden 2/12/17


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