Client of the Month

September 2019
The Baliko Family
"Simien" & "Kit"

Kit and Simien

Simien and Kit

August 2019
The Mitchell Family
"Thumper", "Abby", "Cheese" & "Tasha"

Thumper_1       Thumper_2

July 2019
The Powell Family
"Millie" and her 5 cats, "Black Beauty", "Melonie", "Pepper", "Sasha" & "Willow"


June 2019
Owen & Amy Wells
"Teensy" & "Natasha"

Teensy_1     Teensy_2


May 2019
Russell & Marcia Arnold
Mac (Rough Coated Collie) and Pepper (Dom Shorthair)

Mac_1     Mac_3


Pepper_1   Pepper_2

Pepper_3   Pepper_4

April 2019

John & Heather Miller
Miles (pictured), Molly, Olivia, Roman, Sebastian, and Shamus


January 2019
James & Jessica Maupin
"Krieger" (boxer) and "Frazier" (bulldog mix)


F_1   F_2

F_3   K_1

K_2   K_3

November 2018
Kevin & Chris Thompson
"Rocky", "Roland" & "Spencer"

Rocky    Rocky


October 2018

Congratulations to our October Clients of the month, Barbara and Thomas Conley!  They have quite the menagerie of Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers and crosses of both breeds!  Every dog is much loved by them and we always enjoy seeing their adorable faces!

June 2018

Congratulations to our June client of the month, Adrianne Threatt and Jeff Stehm!  They have two pups, Amos, a Collie mix, and Glory Anne, a German Shepherd, and two cats, Jelly Bean, a calico, and Leonard, a gray tabby.  Glory Anne is the "youngin'" in the family at only 7 years old, Amos will soon be 14, Jelly Bean is 16.5, and Leonard is 17!  Both Jelly Bean and Leonard have Renal disease but are doing well.  Glory Anne was adopted in 2016 and was Heartworm Positive and while he may be slowing down, Amos is doing great! Jelly Bean received Revolution topical Flea preventative as their C.O.M. gift!
Threatt pets
May 2018

Congratulations to our May client of the month, Ursula Winterbauer & James Capua!  They have two little pups, Friedrich der Große von Preußen ( Fritz), an English Cream Dachshund, and Maximilian von Habsburg ( Max ), a Black and Tan Dachshund.  They will both be celebrating their 10th birthday on July 8, 2018, and despite their "senior status" and mild Liver Disease, both boys are doing very well!   Fritz and Max received Frontline topical flea and tick preventative as their C.O.M. gift!





Fritz and Max
April 2018

Congratulations to our April client of the month, Ann & Timothy Alley! Pictured are their two pets: Bug, a 10.5 year old Manx cat and Andy, a 10.5 year old mixed pup.  Bug was diagnosed with Nasal Lymphoma, in October 2017 and has been receiving steroid injections every two months.  While both Andy and Bug have entered their “golden years”, they are both doing very well.  Andy received 6 months of Frontline and we look forward to seeing them both again soon!


March 2018

Congratulations to our March client of the month, Mary Lou Goings! Ms. Goings is a dedicated mom to an almost 16 year old Irish Setter, Maggie, and three cats: Emily, a Burmese, Tabitha, a Bombay and Tink, a Domestic Longhair who is pictured here. Tink recently turned 20 years old and has a history of frequent upper respiratory infections, Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer) and more recently, Renal Disease. His current regime includes lots of love from his mom, and regular Photobiomodulation (laser) treatments to his kidneys to combat the damage caused by his Renal Disease. While Tink has had his share of health scares over the years, he is continuing to beat the odds with every birthday, and is considered one of our “super kitties” here at Ruckersville Animal Hospital!
March 2018


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