End of Life Care

Here at Ruckersville Animal Hospital, we understand the difficulty that comes along with making the decision to say good-bye to your beloved pet including in-hospital euthanasia services as well as options for after care (cremation) through Paws & Remember.  While this can be a difficult decision, please know that we are here for you and will support you and your family every step of the way.  We do our very best to provide both you and your pet will a comfortable place to say good-bye.

Your pet's final visit includes a brief discussion with the nurse and veterinarian to discuss the options for aftercare of your pet, as well as the procedure.  We routinely administer an injection of a sedative prior to the procedure to help decrease the amount of anxiety of your pet and allow us to administer the final medication without restraint.  This will allow you to be close to your pet without the stress or concern of them feeling distressed during your final moments together.

You have the option to have your pet home for an at-home burial, but if that is not an option please know that Paws & Remember provides all of our aftercare and cremation services.  Whether you have decided to receive your pet's ashes back or not, rest assured that the upmost care will be given to your pet from the moment the leave Ruckersville Animal Hospital until they are returned to us again.

Here are the packages we offer for cremation:

Simplicity Plus (cherry colored box urn), Simplicity (oak colored box urn), Scatter package (no urn) and "create your own" (can be matched with a specialty urn).

 PnR1          PnR2

 There is also the option for choosing  picture or shaped urns, clay paw prints, ornaments, memory jewelry, garden stones, wind chimes, etc. which can all be discussed with your nurse during the appointment.  All of our cremation packages come with your pet's ashes returned to you along with a memory book which contains space for you and your family to write treasured memories/thoughts about your pet as well as a clipping of their hair and a wildflower heart which can be planted in memory of your pet.  The Simplicity Plus and Simplicity also come with a silver paw print picture frame.

**Due to COVID-19, we have put into place extra precautions including the limitation to the amount of people we can allow into our facility and a requirement that all present family members wear a facial covering/mask while within the hospital.**


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