A word about COVID 19, your pet, and Ruckersville Animal Hospital

First of all, your pet can not get the COVID 19 virus, however, it can
carry the virus on its fur and infect those petting the animal. Of
course your pet would have to be sneezed upon by an infected human

From an epidemiological standpoint, the virus is poised to enter the
acceleration phase of growth in our country. The massive public efforts
to isolate ourselves from exposure is the best way to not only avoid
getting sick, but also to ensure the acceleration phase is blunted.

Ruckersville Animal Hospital has initiated some policy changes to help
protect our staff from infection and yet still remain available to see
you and your pets.

First, we will not allow sick pet owners or those exposed to the
coronavirus into the hospital. If you have been exposed to the
coronavirus or are starting to feel bad, run a fever, cough or sneeze,
we would ask that you not enter our hospital. Routine check-ups can be
rescheduled for a month later and sick patients can be met outside the
front door while you or the driver wait in the car. We can communicate
with you over the phone. Please be prepared to pay by credit card and
not cash or check and please be forthcoming about your status when
calling to book an appointment.

If you are well and have not been exposed to the Coronavirus, then you
are welcome to enter the hospital with your pet at this time. We will
take necessary precautions to limit human to human contact and to
constantly disinfect all surfaces and objects that humans may touch.
Please bring your own pen to write with.

Also, please do not be offended when our receptionist asks if you have
been in contact with a person infected with COVID 19 or if you are
displaying any of the symptoms of the virus yourself. It is part of
their job and will help keep you safe along with the staff.

It is our sincere hope that we can meet your needs while taking all
reasonable precautions to protect you and our staff from exposure to
COVID 19. Soon this will be a distant memory. In the meantime, let's all
join together to do our part to minimize this pandemic's effects.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Godine, DVM


8301 Seminole Trail, Ruckersville, VA. 22968

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