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  • You cant see your pets heart. Is it healthy, or not?
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You cant see your pets heart. Is it healthy, or not?

You Can't See Your Pet's Heart. Is It Healthy, or Not?

While you can tell a lot about your pet's health by doing regular checks at home, some health issues can go unnoticed by even the most observant of owners. After all, you cant SEE your pet's heart, and most owners don't have stethoscopes just lying around. That's where we come in!

Heart disease doesn't only affect senior pets; it can be present in cats and dogs of any age. Certain breeds, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, are more prone to suffering from congenital heart defects and diseases. Some pets can also develop heart disease over time, or as a result of another illness. There are others still that develop heart disease "out of the blue" at any age, often with signs that can easily go unnoticed by owners.

Screening for heart disease is yet another reason why we recommend annual exams for young to adult pets, and twice-yearly exams for senior pets. Heart disease, if left unnoticed or untreated can greatly shorten your pet's lifespan. Many of the disease that we see can be successfully managed with proper medication, care, and monitoring.

We take time to auscult, or listen, to every patient's heart each time they're examined at Ruckersville Animal Hospital. If we hear or notice anything unusual, we may recommend further diagnostics such as echocardiography or an ECG, which can be performed at our hospital.

We know how much you love your pet, and we want to do what we can to make sure they live the longest, happiest lives they can! Help us to help you; don't skip that annual vet visit! :)


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