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How Your Pet's Health Impacts Your Own

How Your Pet's Health Impacts Your Own

Cats and dogs are more than just pets, they're family! Interacting with them can be the best part of the day! Going on strolls, snuggling together at bedtime or on the couch; they're the best friends a human could have! Since we spend so much intimate time with our furry family members, we thought we should write this little blog about zoonotic illnesses--illnesses that can be a risk to both you and your pet. The top members on this list include: tapeworms, Lyme disease, ringworms, Giardiasis, cat scratch disease and heartworm disease.

Zoonotic illnesses can be passed from pet to owner in a number of ways, including: 

  • Scratches or bites from a pet
  • Contact with items in the pet's environment
  • Contact with wildlife infected with a zoonotic illness (they pass it to your pet who then passes it to you)
  • Scratches or bites from an insect infected with a zoonotic illness-- some ticks carry Lyme disease, mosquitoes carry heartworm disease
  • Contact with the infected pet themselves
  • Contact with the urine, blood, feces or saliva of an infected pet

Zoonotic diseases can be tricky to spot, and can be easy for even the most observant of owners to miss. Many pets hide their sicknesses very well, and some clinical signs may not be apparent at first. 

All of these reasons (and many more!) are a part of why we highly recommend that your pet has a wellness exam annually--it gives us a chance to make sure your pet is healthy and that they are not carrying any zoonotic disease that may potentially affect the rest of your family.

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