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Tummy Troubles

Tummy Troubles--The Benefits of An Annual Exam

As someone who shares their home with four (or fewer!) legged-family members, you know about all of the associated benefits; kisses, smiling faces, endless cuddles and loud, happy purrs. All is well until you step on the squishy hairball in the middle of the night, or find that spot of partially digested food on the white carpet.

Like most pet owners, you may think that occasional digestive issues come with the territory; one of the few cons of sharing a home with a dog or kitty.We're here to tell you that these issues may not necessarily be as "normal" as you may think. Many diseases and medical conditions can start off slow, manifesting as occasional GI "accidents."  The best way to be sure, of course, is to have your pet examined annually or when any of these signs start manifesting. During each exam, our doctors will check your pet from head-to-tail, being sure to palpate, or feel, your pet's abdomen to check for any abnormalities. He or she will also take a listen with a stethoscope to see if there are any abnormal sounds or gurgling.

So be sure not to skip that annual visit, and be double sure to mention any episodes of GI accidents no matter how insignificant they may seem!


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