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  • Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean
    Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean Having a dog is a very big responsibility. Your dog will rely on you for food, shelter, love, and attention. It is also up Read more
  • Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet
    Improve Your Pet's Life with Spay & Neuter Services The decision to spay or neuter your pet is one that will have benefits for your pet for life. Many veterinary experts Read more
  • How to Tell if Your Pet Has An Eye Infection
    How to Tell if Your Pet Has an Eye Infection Just like humans, your pet's eyes are susceptible to infection. It's a fairly common but treatable problem. At Ruckersville Animal Hospital Read more
  • Questions to Ask Before Your Pet’s Surgery
    Preparing For A Pet Surgery Taking your pet to an animal hospital for surgery can be scary. Not because you don’t trust the doctor, but because you love your pet and Read more
  • COVID-19 and your pet
    Information for Pet ParentsIn the midst of the evolving COVID-19 situation, pets still remain at the core of everything we do. We want to assure you that we’re doing our Read more
  • Pets and Music
    FREE LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT|60 DAY RETURNSSeriously into audio since 1974SM1.844.264.94607 days/week - view hours Contact UsChat, Email, Support My AccountRewards program0Car Audio & VideoHome AudioTVs & VideoHeadphones & WirelessCameras & DronesPro AudioMore...SpecialsHome Audio Articles & Videos Buying GuidesHow-to GuidesVideosProduct ReviewsArticles Read more
  • New Treatments for Veterinary Orthopedic Conditions
    NEW TREATMENTS FOR VETERINARY ORTHOPAEDIC CONDITIONS       So let’s say your beloved pet has developed a limp that just won’t go away and your veterinarian has diagnosed a serious musculoskeletal problem. Read more
  • Spring Is Coming!!!
                               Spring Is Almost Here! Spring is on the way!! Here is a beautiful picture of Dr. Robertson's dog, Read more
  • Tummy Troubles
    Tummy Troubles--The Benefits of An Annual ExamAs someone who shares their home with four (or fewer!) legged-family members, you know about all of the associated benefits; kisses, smiling faces, endless Read more
  • How Your Pet's Health Impacts Your Own
    How Your Pet's Health Impacts Your OwnCats and dogs are more than just pets, they're family! Interacting with them can be the best part of the day! Going on strolls, Read more
  • Begging for a Bite of Holiday Dinner??
    Begging for a Bite of Holiday Dinner?It's the holiday season again, and we all know what that means--lots of delicious foods and parties with family and friends! Gaining "holiday pounds' Read more
  • Are you thankful for your four-legged friend?
    What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We know your pets are high on that list!Yearly checkups are essential for the well-being of your pet, and are the best way to keep Read more
  • Is that a skin tag, a tick, a tumor or a toenail? Lets check!
    Is that a skin tag, a tick, a tumor or a toenail? Let’s check!That growth on your pet may make for a perfect Halloween costume, but it could also be something Read more
  • You cant see your pets heart. Is it healthy, or not?
    You Can't See Your Pet's Heart. Is It Healthy, or Not?While you can tell a lot about your pet's health by doing regular checks at home, some health issues can Read more
  • Hidden Illnesses
    Dogs and cats were created to be stoic--not showing weakness/sickness is a survival instinct passed down by their less-domesticated ancestors. Many behaviors that some owners consider "normal" or "part of aging" Read more
  • Ice Water and Bloat
    We have been made aware that there is a lot of worry and rumor spreading about ice water causing dogs to bloat. This is a myth! Ice does not cause Read more
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