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Pet Wellness Report

"Give Your Best Friend the Best of Care!"


We are very excited to announce that we now offer a pet wellness package for dogs and cats!

What is it?

It is called a Pet Wellness Report®, and it helps us to define your pet's individual health risks and to create a personalized care plan for your pet. The report combines information you give us about your pet's lifestyle with comprehensive lab work and a physical exam. It helps us to screen for early detection of serious diseases, and provides education for a healthy life!

How to Get Started:

  1. Have your dog or cat examined by one of our veterinarians.
  2. We will draw blood and collect a urine and fecal sample to send to the lab for analysis. This comprehensive lab work can take a couple of days to be completed.
  3. In the meantime, log on to to fill out your pet's Pet Health Questionnaire (only takes about 6 minutes! We timed it!) using the pin number located on your copy of your pet's lab form.
    • This step is crucial! Your pet can't tell us how he or she lives her life (although we wish they could!!), so we have to rely on you! The more honest you are, the better we'll be able to help your pet!
    • This questionnaire provides us with insights into your pet's lifestyle that allow us to better hone in on what obstacles your pet may face in his/her future!
    • Also,it's required that the questionnaire be completed before your Pet Wellness Report® can be printed!
  4. Once both the Pet Health Questionnaire and the lab work are completed, our veterinarians will receive a copy of your report and will call you to go over any potential problems and to make any needed suggestions.

Why Do I Need Lab Work?

  • The lab work helps us to see if your pet is suffering from any subclinical illnesses. Pets are tough! They tend toward not showing signs of illnesses until they are very sick. It's part of their survival instinct. This is especially true for cats!
    • According to Zoetis, as many as 4 out of 10 dogs have a subclinical illness or health issue that needs veterinary attention!
    • The lab work analyzes your pet's blood, urine and fecal samples to try and pick up on any disease process your pet may be hiding from you.
  • If everything comes back normal (which we hope they ALL do!), then we have a great baseline to use for comparison should your pet ever become sick!
  • Checking lab work every year also helps us to keep an eye on various values as your pet ages, and helps us catch disease processes early so we can get a jump on their treatment!

What Do I Get?

  1. Annual wellness examination
  2. Comprehensive lab work (including bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal and Heartworm/Tick Disease screening for dogs)
  3. Pet Wellness Report (pictured below)
    1. Tells you how old you pet is in human years
    2. Tells you what diseases your pet may be at risk for
    3. Goes over, in detail, your pet's lab work results and possible causes for levels above or below the normal ranges.
    4. Helps you prepare for your pet's future
    5. Gives tips on how to keep you pet happy and healthy!

Looking for more information? Call us at 434-985-7924, e-mail us at: or visit the Pet Wellness Report website!


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