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As little as 2 pounds of extra weight can put your kitty-cat’s health at risk!

Each extra pound is equivalent to an extra 15 pounds on an average adult woman, or 17 pounds on an average adult man

  • Cat’s have a different physiology than dogs and humans…if they don’t eat for as little as 2 consecutive days, they can develop hepatic lipidosis, a life-threatening liver disease
  • Therefore a consultation with your vet before embarking on any weight-less regimen is VERY important!
  • Cats are also “obligate carnivores” and wouldn’t eat veggies in the wild; therefore they require a higher amount of protein in their diets
  • According to the APOP survey, 58% of our cats are overweight, and 21.4% are obese! That equals 54.3 million and 8.1 million respectively!
  • Ideally, cats should be fed a wet-food diet several times a day to promote weight loss
  • Wet food should be the pâté, NOT the gravy or gravy lovers variety
  • Wet foods are higher in protein and lower in carbs than dry food, and have extra water which is very beneficial to kitties!

Exercise my cat? Really??

Yes, really! Cats (especially the full-figured ones) are notorious for being lazy and require a more stealthy approach to encouraging exercise

  • Cats were made to be stalkers—they lay in wait for their prey and only reach top-speed at small bursts…they’re energy conservers by nature! They’re the sprinters, unlike dogs who are likened to marathon runners
  • Play “find the food!”
    • Hide your kitty’s food on top of a cat tree, in a different room, upstairs, downstairs…anywhere that they’re not used to it being! Trust us…a fat cat is a smart cat and it WILL find the food :)
  • Move the food away from your cat’s favorite “haunts”
    • If kitty likes to spend her day in the living room, move her food to the kitchen
    • Overweight kitties will often hang out near where their food stays, some will even sleep right near the bowl! Again, kitties are natural energy conservers!
  • Find toys that your kitty likes and change it up! What’s fun today could be completely boring tomorrow
  • Feathers, lasers, flashlights, balls, paper bags, cardboard boxes almost anything can be used to entice a cat
  • Engage your kitty in playtime for 10 minutes twice a day—you can even do it while watching TV!
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