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Ruckersville Animal Hospital's Policies

Appointment Policy

All pet visits are scheduled by appointment only.  If possible, please schedule routine visits well in advance, especially if you are in need of a late afternoon or Saturday appointment, as these tend to book up quickly!

To make your appointment check-in more efficient, please visit our "Online Forms" page to print and fill out the client registration and hours of operation forms in advance of your appointment.  Just bring the forms in at the time of your visit!

To make your appointment run more smoothly, please provide previous veterinary records for your pet and/or the contact information for the office and we will do the rest!  This will ensure that we have as much health information as possible about your pet and that they receive the proper annual vaccinations/tests.

Click Here to visit our online forms page

Surgery & Drop-Off Policies

All surgical, dental and drop-off appointments will receive a reminder via e-mail and/or text message 24 hours prior to the scheduled date.  Your appointment can be confirmed electronically through the received message.

All animals scheduled to receive sedation or anesthesia should be fasted beginning at 8:00 pm the evening prior to the procedure.  Your pet can still have free access to water up until your drop off time.  If your pet is not fasted the night before, there could be potential health complications prior to, during and after the procedure.  Most anesthetic medications used here at Ruckersville Animal Hospital can cause nausea when administered.  While we take the upmost caution with every pet receiving anesthesia, there are still risks associated for even the healthiest of pets.  Should your pet vomit during anesthesia, they run the risk of inhalation of small food/liquid particles, even with an Endotracheal tube in place.  Even the smallest amount of vomit could potentially cause aspiration pneumonia.

Drop off time for all surgical and dental procedures is 7:00-7:30 am Monday - Friday.  When you arrive with your pet for admission, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians will admit your pet and review information about the procedure, including any preanesthetic testing that is recommended/required.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and be sure to mention any health concerns about your pet that may change how we proceed.  The technician will also review the prepared cost estimate for your pet's procedure and will have you sign an authorization form and leave phone numbers at which you can be reached while your pet is hospitalized.  We also require a 50% deposit based on the estimated cost for all procedures. 

While your pet is hospitalized with Ruckersville Animal Hospital, we will do everything we can to ensure that the procedure proceeded without issue.  However, please understand that there are always risks associated with anesthesia.  The technician can and will review these risks with you and answer any questions you may have about your pet's procedure.  The doctor caring for your pet will contact you prior to or during the procedure should they have concerns and/or questions, but will also call you once they are in recovery to review the procedure, discuss medications and post-op care, and inform you of an appropriate time to pick up your pet.


When you arrive to pick up your pet, the technician will visit with you to go over your pet's condition and what you may expect in the next few hours or days in the way of recovery, as well as any medications you may need to administer. The receptionist will present the final invoice for payment in full, and then your pet will be released for a happy reunion with you!

If you have any questions concerning your scheduled procedure, please do not hesitate to give us a call in advance!

*Please note: We require all patients admitted to the hospital to be up to date on vaccinations & flea free!

Payment Policy

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Prescription/Medication Policy

Please call 24 hours in advance for medication refills. This allows our staff time to prepare your prescription and also will prevent you from having to wait when you arrive for pick up.

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